Belgian Footballer Marouane Fellaini

The last strike of Marouane Fellaini saves the whole game while Jose Mourinho’s attack is ineffective. Jose is angry about Marouane Fellaini’s goals in his stoppage-time when the guy tell everything about the game went.

Although having entered the knockout rounds of the Champions League, Manchester Untied is far from a comfortable zone, so they need to play football games as hard as they could. Similar to loads of records incurred, During a long time winless run and long-term games without a goal in Europe. Fellaini’s goal into the far corner refreshes all teammates to a certain extent. Another 90-minute game with Valencia has been escaped for the consequence.

It could not be Man Untied in case there was not loads of struggle; even at the half-time, the team still have not netted a goal. No one is surprised at the result, because they managed four scores in the first ten football games at Old Trafford this season. Donning the No. 9 football shirt, Marcus Rashford should have won three goals when he was sent inside. It could be understood that why some supporters choose to stay away rather than buying ticks closer. Sometimes, it is unfavorablen for footballers if read out over the loudspeaker.

Felliaini has an opportunity to ensure that the final result is not so extreme. But his volley was stopped in the Stretford End. When groans grow louder and louder, he rescued the team away from embarrassment.

Winning a score with teammates

The manager of Manchester United has accused his footballers because of the 0-0 draw, the the team won a score after the manager declared to choose a team against Young Boys. The manager said he would like all footballers spare no efforts to play a decisive game. Only ability is not enough in pitches.

Then his following behavior is consistent with his words. Alexis Sanchez could accept normal on Monday while Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku were told to warm the bench. Young Boys at home do not believe it is not crucial. The French guy is replaced after 68 minutes. At that time, it was not possible for them to get goals. As the staring footballer of the team, it is an era of Mourinho’s era.

After telling his state in the game at Old Trafford, some may afraid that he could not established himself as a regular of the team. Mourinho wish the latest wake-up will could contribute to a must win football game to a certain extent.

Lacking of Composure when coming across football

When Rashfold missed an excellent opportunity to net goals, the manager shake his head disappointed. It was a complete Mourinho theatre that he even could not responsible for everything. Manchester Untied seems useless to combat with Young Boys. When a clean was sent, Rashford should have won goals. The concerning results for the boss are almost all things have deviated expected directions.


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